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Our Background

We have been creating art from glass for over a decade. Our designs range from extremely functional to pure whimsy and art for art's sake. Backgrounds in Chemistry, Engineering, Mechanics, Physics, and other artistic mediums all come together, helping us push traditional limits and forge new ways to express the joy of this medium.

Our Medium

Our primary glass of choice is Bullseye 90 coe. This medium offers a wide array of color choices and styles along with an outstanding educational department. We also use borosilica glass in our torches and at times  other specialized glass. Quite often we incorporate metals into our work, primarily pure silver, sterling silver and copper. 

Our Inspiration

Glass itself can quite often be the inspiration behind our creations. There are never ending combinations of colors and reactions between them. When subjecting the media to varied influences such as highly oxidized environments or depraved oxygen situations we find even more delicate changes. Heat applications and time in such environments also play a major part in the color shifts we find.

Considering form in our functional pieces, we prefer simple smooth lines that allow the viewer to enjoy the colors and movement of the pieces without a busy distraction.

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